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Dwelling on a Farm Rural Architects
Dwelling on a Farm 
Planning Policy Statement 21 - Sustainable Development in the Country includes a policy (CTY 10) for new a Dwelling on a Farm. 
In recognition of changing farming practices and to help support rural communities, it is considered that there is a continuing need for new dwellings on farms to accommodate both those engaged in the farm business and other rural dwellers. 
Planning permission will be granted for a dwelling house on a farm where all of the following criteria can be met: 
(a) the farm business is currently active and has been established for at least 6 years; 
(b) no dwellings or development opportunities out-with settlement limits have been sold off from the farm holding within 10 years of the date of the application. This provision will only apply from 25 November 2008; and 
(c) the new building is visually linked or sited to cluster with an established group of buildings on the farm and where practicable, access to the dwelling should be obtained from an existing lane. Exceptionally, consideration may be given to an alternative site elsewhere on the farm, provided there are no other sites available at another group of buildings on the farm or out-farm, and where there are either: 
• demonstrable health and safety reasons; or 
• verifiable plans to expand the farm business at the existing building group(s). 
In such circumstances the proposed site must also meet the requirements of CTY 13 (a-f), CTY 14 and CTY 16. 
Planning permission granted under this policy will only be forthcoming once every 10 years. 
A proposal for a dwelling by those involved in the keeping and breeding of horses for commercial purposes will also be assessed under the criteria set out in this policy. 
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