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Replacement Dwelling
Replacement Dwellings 
Planning permission will be granted for a replacement dwelling where the building to be replaced exhibits the essential characteristics of a dwelling and as a minimum all external structural walls are substantially intact. For the purposes of this policy all references to ‘dwellings’ will include buildings previously used as dwellings. 
Buildings designed and used for agricultural purposes, such as sheds or stores, and buildings of a temporary construction will not however be eligible for replacement under this policy. 
Favourable consideration will however be given to the replacement of a redundant non-residential building with a single dwelling, where the redevelopment proposed would bring significant environmental benefits and provided the building is not listed or otherwise makes an important contribution to the heritage, appearance or character of the locality. 
In cases where a dwelling has recently been destroyed, for example, through an accident or a fire, planning permission may be granted for a replacement dwelling. Evidence about the status and previous condition of the building and the cause and extent of the damage must be provided. 
Non-listed Vernacular Dwellings 
The retention and sympathetic refurbishment, with adaptation if necessary, of non-listed vernacular dwellings in the countryside will be encouraged in preference to their replacement. Proposals involving the replacement of such dwellings will be assessed as follows: 
• if the dwelling makes an important contribution to the heritage, appearance or character of the locality planning permission will only be granted where it is demonstrated that it is not reasonably capable of being made structurally sound or otherwise improved. 
• if the dwelling does not make an important contribution to the heritage, appearance or character of the locality, planning permission will be granted for a new dwelling. In such cases the retention of the existing structure will be accepted where it is sympathetically incorporated into the layout of the overall development scheme, for example as ancillary accommodation or a store, to form an integrated building group. 
In cases where the original building is retained, it will not be eligible for replacement again. Equally, this policy will not apply to buildings where planning permission has previously been granted for a replacement dwelling and a condition has been imposed restricting the future use of the original building, or where the building is immune from enforcement action as a result of non-compliance with a condition to demolish. 
All Replacement Cases 
In addition to the above, proposals for a replacement dwelling will only be permitted where all the following criteria are met: 
the proposed replacement dwelling should be sited within the established curtilage of the existing building, unless either (a) the curtilage is so restricted that it could not reasonably accommodate a modest sized dwelling, or (b) it can be shown that an alternative position nearby would result in demonstrable landscape, heritage, access or amenity benefits; 
the overall size of the new dwelling should allow it to integrate into the surrounding landscape and would not have a visual impact significantly greater than the existing building; 
the design of the replacement dwelling should be of a high quality appropriate to its rural setting and have regard to local distinctiveness; 
all necessary services are available or can be provided without significant adverse impact on the environment or character of the locality; and 
access to the public road will not prejudice road safety or significantly inconvenience the flow of traffic. 
For the purposes of this policy ‘curtilage’ will mean the immediate, usually defined and enclosed area surrounding an existing or former dwelling house. 
Listed Dwellings 
The policy provisions of PPS 6 state that there is a presumption in favour of the retention of buildings listed as being of special architectural or historic interest. Planning permission will not therefore be granted for the replacement of a listed dwelling unless there are exceptional circumstances. 
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