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Sustainable Construction 
It may seem obvious, but we think it is worth saying again. Every time you construct, alter or refurbish a building you are having an effect on the environment. What do you want the legacy of your construction project to be? 
We believe that every building project should leave the environment just that little bit better for our children and grandchildren. 
And how will we do that? 
First and foremost, in co-operation with you, our client. At our initial project meeting sustainability and energy conservation will be on the agenda. We will discuss the energy efficiency of different plan forms, the use of renewable technologies, whether that is a solar panel, ground source heat pumps, wind turbines or rain water harvesting. 
If your green credentials are somewhat thin, we will endeavour to inspire you with our vision. And if you are committed to the concept of a sustainable future, perhaps we can learn from you. Either way, by working together, we can leave future generations with not just a beautifully designed building but one which is helping to reduce global warming and unnecessary waste of precious resources. 
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