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No Central Heating House 
From start to finish John Lavery, BGA provided us with a positive experience in building our family home. He presented us with a contemporary design with great attention to detail. John was open to feedback and willing to address comments and make adaptations, whilst being able to convey his ideas and rationale in an articulate manner. It was very easy to have an open dialogue about the design throughout the build process. 
During the design and planning stage discussions with John; regarding the future of home builds and the importance of energy efficiency while considering environmental issues, we decided we wanted to achieve an energy efficient home. John introduced us to a company who could provide us with a house with no central heating. Due to the aim of achieving this we came across many questions which required technical answers and solutions. John provided us with many of these answers and solutions which have allowed us to achieve a very efficient home with no central heating. 
Throughout the process we were really struck by John's professionalism, he never needed chasing up and was always one step ahead. The building process went very well, and the level of monitoring by John was excellent. 
We are thrilled with the result of the whole process and the house is a total joy to be in. The living space has totally met our expectations for our family. I think John was able to make it all come about through the combination of his obvious technical architectural ability, his design talent, his unnerving attention to detail, his ability to manage relationships with the many parties involved in a project like this and very importantly, his appreciation and understanding of how real family life works. 
Darren and Ashleen 
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