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007 House 
Whinney Hill, Holywood 
Sometimes it just clicks. 
It is said the most important part in designing and building your own home is the relationship between the client and the architect. With BGA this relationship couldn’t have gone better. 
Capturing the original brief, understanding the clients and developing concepts to arrive at that magical combination between originality, great context to the surroundings, practicality, ease of construction and excitement that only great design has, is what BGA excelled at in this project. 
The design concept of an eye looking out of the hillside over the lough is what made sense to the site. Making that eye out of light materials, sympathethic to the wooded context and then rooting that solidly into the hillside with the lower concrete structure developed that concept to perfection. Internally, the house is designed to be practical, liveable in by a family rather than just a showhouse. Importantly also, the upper, living areas also connect seamlessly to the outside spaces thanks to the extensive glazing. 
Being able then to translate that design with the aid of their selected structural engineer into a detailed construction plan and then guiding us through the tender and later the build process, we found John and everyone at BGA a pleasure to work with. Arguably it was in the build phase that BGA proved their greatest value. The fact that it mattered to them to create and finish what we have now is what sets them apart from other architects. 
Great architecture enhances the lives of those living in it and with our house we can testify that it is a pleasure to wake in the morning and discover yet another view that this breathtaking design reveals. In a setting where view is everything, given the eye concept, this is a design that truly has integrity. 
I couldn’t recommend highly enough BGA to anyone wishing to build something individual, something special, something great. I can think of no-one better to challenge you and guide you to the home of your dreams. 
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